Sony introduces a LED light bulb Bluetooth speaker combo

by Gareth Mankoo

It simply goes by the name, LED Light Bulb Speaker but does a lot more than just fill a product catalog. Sony’s newest release is something we’ve been wondering about but have never seen to fulfilment. This cool LED light bulb is also a Bluetooth speaker. It screws into a bulb socket and offers illumination with the help of a 360-lumen bulb. The audio can be controlled using a smartphone app that not only handles playback and volume but also helps regulate the brightness of the bulb. How cool is that! You could also grab a hold of the dedicated remote that works when paired with the device over NFC. While the promo video shows mushy affairs as the perfect time to play it, I would choose to put the bulb in my shower or even better, in my gloomy closet. sony-introduces-a-led-light-bulb-bluetooth-speaker-combo.1The Sony LED Light Bulb Speaker will arrive in Japan by May 23rd for 23,880 Yen or $199. sony-introduces-a-led-light-bulb-bluetooth-speaker-combo.3 sony-introduces-a-led-light-bulb-bluetooth-speaker-combo.2 [Source – The Verge]

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