Sony grabs eyeballs with the soon-to-release white Playstation 4 “Destiny” bundle

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve got more reasons for you to break all social ties, pack your room with all the food supplies you’d need and everything you’d require to survive and practice living in solitary confinement. No, the apocalypse isn’t around the corner. Sony has just announced the Playstation 4 in white, bundled with Bungie’s next title, Destiny! The game and the console will together hit store-shelves in September, just a few months from now and to be honest, we’re quite excited! The “glacier white” Playstation 4 will be up for sale from the 9th of September onwards and will come with 500GB of storage and a free 30-day membership to PlayStation Plus.

To accompany this white console unit, Sony will also release matching controllers and a stand, available for purchase separately. What caught our eye however was the grey/white “urban camouflage” DualShock 4 controller announced by Sony that will also surface soon. The bundle pack will come with a price tag of $450, and we’ve already begun pooling in money to bring one of these home here at Newlaunches. What do you think of Sony’s latest brainchild? Leave behind a comment with your “yays” and “nays” at the bottom of the page!


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