Sony’s FES Watch E-ink smartwatch doesn’t always wear the same face

by Gareth Mankoo

E-ink has comfortably made its way in most electronic readers and is soon finding its applications across the gamut of gizmos. Sony have introduced the crowd-funded effort, called the FES E-ink smartwatch. The Fashion Entertainments department of the company was instrumental in landing funds for the watch which now sports an ultra-thin form with 24 patterns that enable it to change its face, dial and wristbands as per your whims. This could well have you styled uniquely for each occasion, irrespective of what genre of clothing you choose to slip into. The minimalist design works just perfectly for fashionistas and geeks alike.

sony-e-ink-smartwatch-2I’d like to see if Sony plan to add any further innovations to the whole setup with customized strap designs. Now that would totally take the cake, wouldn’t it? For now, we have to fully appreciate the 24 patterns that the brand has been kind enough to let us in on.