Sony announces FP7000 spectral cell sorter supporting high-parameter sorting with more than 44 colors

by dhiram

Sony today announced the launch of FP7000 spectral cell sorter that supports high-speed, high-parameter sorting with more than 44 colors with simple workflows, leveraging its patented spectral technology-based optics, advanced electronics and fluidics. The new high-parameter spectral cell sorter is configurable with up to 6 lasers and 182 detectors enabling the detection and sorting of cell populations of interest, using complex panels comprised of more than 44 colors. It also supports multiple nozzle sizes for optimized sorting of a wide range of cell types.

Sony FP7000 spectral cell sorter’s high-speed, real-time spectral unmixing capability, which separates the emission signature of each fluorophore from the composite spectral signal from the multi-color sample analyzed, combined with high sheath pressure and reliable drop-delay calibration, enables up to 6-way sorting of populations at event rates of 25,000 events per second.

The Sony FP7000 brings together the superior spectral technology and the versatile workflows from the Sony cell sorter portfolio to provide reliable system automation and guided workflows that enable researchers to obtain results in an unbiased manner as well as improve operational efficiency. This meets the needs of busy laboratories pursuing simple to complex high-parameter applications. Sony FP7000 spectral cell sorter is scheduled to be available in autumn 2024.