Sony adds pricing details to Windows 8-enabled Vaio, E14P and T13 in Japan

by Gareth Mankoo

Sony have been generous enough to add to our pre-launch nervousness by sharing the prices of their line of Windows 8 desktops. First up on the list of likely suspects is the Duo 11 slider PC that packs a 1.7GHz Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD. It will sell for a hefty $1.930. Following this is the Tap 20 that can safely be called an all-in-one PC. This 20-inch device will brag a 1TB hard drive, so there’s no questions about it being any cheaper. $2,310 is the asking price for it as of now. Following the big two are the T Series 13 Ultrabook ($1,670), Vaio E Series 14P laptop ($1,920) the Vaio L series (whose pricing will commence from $2,700 onwards.

These prices are for Sony Japan. Before we get all analytical and open our budget sheets, we need to confirm if these are suitable for the US market too.


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