Someone built a bike around the Lamborghini V12 engine!

by Gareth Mankoo

Roars aren’t only intimidating, they’re seductive too. Especially when you’re craning your neck to see where it’s coming from. That’s pretty much what you could end up doing if you watch the video hither. Some brave gentleman from Georgia went on to design a motorcycle that will send all self-proclaimed powerful motorcycles screaming for mama. The Caffeine and Octane event in Georgia saw a powerful Lamborghini V12 engine on – wait for it – a motorcycle! The monthly event was a treat for participants and visitors who couldn’t get enough of this raging beast. It looks less of a bike and more of a Rammstein stage setup with six carburetors and intimidating throttle bodies.

lamborghini-v12-engine-motorcycle-2We have no idea how the bike got there in the first place but with a handlebar in the middle of such a heavy duty bicycle, it’s hard to imagine anyone maneuvering through city roads with this beast. What we do know for sure is that this one wouldn’t need a horn to herald its arrival.





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