Soloshot robotic cameraman tracks and shoots users

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s great to have a cameraman, always at your disposal, ready to video-document every little action of yours. This holds true especially if you are into performing arts or sports. The Soloshot robotic camera tripod is just that and its mechanical, which means that the margin for error and fatigue are minimal. What appears to be a regular camera tripod, offers a peculiar orange component on it that holds the robotic module in it. It comes along with a transmitter that has to be attached to the subject. The camera automatically tilts and pans based on the movement of the subject. With a range of up to 2 kilometers, users can engage in all kinds of sports, including motorsports, and still be sure that they are captured closely and correctly.

The Soloshot robotic cameraman could be yours for just $611. It’s an amazing solution to sportsmen who do not always have spot boys or assistants on hand.

[Via – Springwise]