Solid Alliance USB controlled RC car and Garage

by Dhiram Shah

The USB controlled RC car and Garage from Solid Alliance surely make it to the Top 3 USB gadgets of all times. What we have here is a garage which connects to the USB port and inside is a RC car which is not controlled by a special remote control but by a special desktop application. Using the arrow keys you control the car, the garage doubles as a charging and transmitting station, the car charges fully in 10 minutes. The garage in true Hollywood style opens up automatically for the car to zoom out. The car works in a radius of 1 meter of the garage. Here is a weekend project, make a racing track order 5 of the cars and workplace will never be the same again.

The Solid Alliance USB controlled RC car and Garage will be available from the first week of September in Japan for 3,480 Yen ($ 30).



  1. kennydude

    so so so wickeeeedd !

  2. rikdm

    I want it
    how can I get this

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