Solar-powered Bikinis Make Women Hotter and Greener

by ruchi

When good looking women move around in bikinis, they are already doing enough of good for the mankind. Brooklyn-based designer Andrew Schneider has come up with a hi-tech swimsuit concept that will encourage the ladies to don one of these not just for admiration but also to cool off the earth a little bit. These are solar-powered bikinis which have thin, flexible photovoltaic film strips and USB connectors, all woven together with conductive thread. So this becomes your nice, well-disguised energy stash to juice up gadgets like cellphone and MP3 Player.

As I read about this one, I thought the maker will ruin its practicality with a hefty price tag. But surprisingly this one’s just for $200 and given the fact that it takes up 80 hours of labor hand-stiching labor work, I’d say it’s completely worth it. people often think going greener means inviting inconvenience. This bikini is a pretty good example to say that in most cases, it isn’t true. This solar-power swimwear doesn’t stop you from taking a dip; you just have to make sure you don’t have any gadgets clinging while doing so.
The bikini transmits power directly to your gadgets, so there isn’t any actual energy stored. In all probability, men would feel jealous that why wasn’t something like this built for them. Our product designer Schneider pretty much saw this coming and his next project is about a pair of trunks that chills beer. How cool is that?

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