Solar-powered Tissot Smart-Touch is the first true smartwatch from Swatch

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s strange how Swatch can be extended to be smart+Watch. However, the company hasn’t treaded on the smartphone path much too often. The Tissot Smart-Touch is the first smartwatch from the company in the truest sense of the word as the former release of the supposed smart watch was exclusively for volleyball players. The Smart-Touch is a part of Tissot’s T-Touch series of timepieces. An accompanying app helps you calibrate and synchronize your data with a smartphone. The watch hands of this smart little watch can be used for navigation. At the base is a noticeable digital display that shows real-time local weather information and is energized by a small solar-powered weather station. The watch also has a barometer and altimeter sensors. Another cool capability of the Smart-Touch is its ability to work with a fob accessory to track the movement of an object or to find a particular location.

The non-solar consuming battery functions of the Tissot Smart-Touch watch is expected to last a full year. It is expected to arrive later this year and will be priced between $1,100 and $1,200.




[ Via : Ablogtowatch ]