Solala, the ambient solar-powered LED light

by Gavril Mankoo

Energy efficient lighting is great, particularly when these installations are easy to set up and use. What we’ve got here is a perfect way to illuminate your living space, be it a patio or your living room, with clean, green and energy efficient light! Called the Solala, this little device unveiled by Hoops is a solar-powered LED light. Sporting an internal battery that has charge trickling into it via solar cells, the Solala light powers on bright and clear, providing enough illumination for an ambient glow.

The Solala solar-powered LED lighting installation comes with a solar panel and an AA Ni-MH built-in battery. To charge this little device up, all you need to do is place it in direct sunlight for about 6 hours. On a full belly, the Solala light is capable of staying on for nearly six hours! Also, this lighting installation comes with a water-proof body, allowing you to safely use it outdoors, without fear of it spoiling away in the rain. The battery packed into the Solala can be charged 600 times and the lighting installation can also be juiced with AA batteries if required.


[Via – Impress]

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