SoftBank’s Pantone 5 smartphone measures radiation levels in the environment

by Gavril Mankoo

The disastrous Fukushima Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan that occurred a while ago has left residents in the eastern land cagey in regards to radiation levels in the air. We’ve seen a bunch of mobile radiation detectors being unveiled for the iPhone and other smartphones that keep tabs on radiation levels in the environment using your phone for a brain. The newly launched Pantone 5 107SH smartphone by SoftBank however takes the cake. Sporting a built-in Geiger counter, the phone measures radiation levels within 20% accuracy. Sporting Android 4.0 and a 3.7-inch 854×480 LCD screen, the phone packs a 1.4GHz processor, a 4MP camera and is available in a bunch of candy colours including purple, yellow, blue, orange, and two types of pink besides the customary black and white.


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