Softbank brings the single-button security phone

by Shalu Pillai

Your child’s security is of prime importance for every parent and keeping this in mind, Japan’s Softbank and ZTE has introduced a new mobile which acts more of a security device than a communicating device. The phone doubles as a one-button panic alarm that’s wired into a cell phone, designed specifically for preschoolers and seniors. This one-button smartphone will call parents or other emergency contacts when the caller needs immediate help. Once the call is completed, the device sends an automated email with GPS data pinpointing the caller’s location. The phone also comes with an alarm that will allow parents to find a child when it is lost.

However, it will require you to narrow down your multiple emergency contacts, since you get only one all-important call. While most parents are hesitant to get their kids a complete handset, Softbank’s new phone is here to serve for a purpose.

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