SofShell iPad 2 Anti-Slip case doesn’t slip off a Porsche at 60mph

by Gareth Mankoo

Gripping a tablet is a bigger challenge for many, as compared to those issues that relate to functionality. This is the whole reason we have the SofShell iPad 2 Anti-Slip case that keeps your tablet from slipping to the floor and ending up with that fatal tiny scratch that will not leave you cool anymore. This case is so good with its gripping feature that it manages to stick to a Porsche doing 60 mph, without flying of or being displaced. That’s neat. Not that you’re going to need something to specifically wild, but surely there’s little you can do when you’re speeding and realize you left you iPad on your car’s top when you took the leak-break.

Much cannot be said to make a case like this sound better, it’s so cool to have something that sticks to your glass when your car’s at 60mph. Head to SofProducts to get this one for $50.