Sofas get USB connections too!

by Gareth Mankoo

How sensible would it be to sit with a bunch of fellow geeks, passing files from one another via USB – from your very own sofa! Well, to some it may seem quite a good idea. But why one earth shouldn’t anyone go for a simple USB pen drive that’s 1000 times cheaper instead. However, this sofa has an escape hatch; such a hatch that it cannot be cornered by even the most critical mind. It’s a concept. And probably, will always be. All one user has to do is plug one of the 7 cables provided to his laptop’s USB port and get connected to the rest of the blokes sitting in the room. Was this thought of before Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?

The USB Sofa was created for OFFF Lisbon last year and was later adopted SHIFT Lisbon, the same year. Want one? Huh?