Social networkers will rejoice with the arrival of Google’s Chrome OS

by Shayne Rana

Google’s full of announcements these days and the latest was at an event at which they finally previewed their Chrome OS operating system. Of course this new Linux based OS that’s also based on the Chrome browser is quite far from being a finished product and there isn’t even too much information provided as to all of its features or functionality. A few stories have popped up about the OS actually taking just seven (7) seconds to start up. WOW! But from day one of its announcement we’ve know that this is a web-based system that will be using the Chrome browser as a base of sorts. All features associated with the OS would also be web-based apps so we can of course expect this to be quite the social networker’s dream. It’s designed primarily for the user who’s always ‘logged on’ and connected i.e. a hardcore web user. I’m sure that during the course of the next couple of months prior to its launch next year, we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more about the system and what it will have to offer.

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