Snowflake iPod dock is definitely one of a kind

by Shayne Rana

One of the best accessories you could have for your iPod/iPhone is a speaker dock. Now there have been some pretty whacky looking, technologically hi-tech, theme oriented docks out there but nothing like this so far. A designer named Sylvain Gerber thought up this awesome concept using a single JBL radial driver that he calls it the Snowflake Dock. Why? Because it looks a bit like a snowflake. This concept device even has lights that change with the beat of the music. It’s a brilliant looking device that’s funky and looks like it should be on the mantle place of some thrash metal guitar players house, right underneath a kick-ass guitar. Unfortunately since it’s just a concept there’s no price tag on it so for now, it really is just one of a kind.