Snorkeling mask puts uncomfortable mouthpieces to rest

by Gareth Mankoo

Pandora have launched a really cool snorkeling mask that’s called the Free Breeze Abyss. Being a mask it does well to ensure that your face and eyes are kept dry as you make your way below the surface. The best part is that you do not have to snorkel with your lips pouting like a fish anymore. This takes away the discomfort caused to your jaws and your teeth. Many folk pull out of snorkeling because of the intimidating oxygen-inhaling method that comes with it. The mask ensure that you receive your fill of oxygen while being gentle on your face, thanks to the soft silicon material employed in the build. It goes without saying that the mask comes ready with anti-fogging technology to ensure your view isn’t restricted.

The mask is available in Japan in pink and blue colors. It is also available in two sizes, for men and women respectively. It is available for sale at for 9,500 Yen ($77).

[Via – Kaden Watch Impress co]

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