Sniff Your Way to Good Health with LeWhif Inhalable Vitamins

by iona

If you are one of those painful patients who gags at the thought of popping a pill, this latest innovation may have you breathing a sigh of relief. The world’s first inhalable vitamin, LeWhif Vitamin, is the brainchild of Harvard biomedical engineer David Edwards. Edwards seems to have a fascination with the nose, as he is also the inventor of inhalable insulin, inhalable coffee and inhalable chocolate – kinda defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? I thought chocolate was all about the two minutes on the lips, lifetime on the hips, no? LeWhif Vitamin looks like a lipstick and works like a mini vitamin-dispensing pipe that lets you to inhale a fine powder of vitamins that dissolve on your tongue. This means the supplement misses your digestive system, allowing your body to receive a more concentrated dose of nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Eights hits on your vita-pipe will give you 100% of your daily recommended amount of A, B1, B2, B3 and B5. They come in different tea-based flavors (scents?), too – Green Tea, Wine Tea and Hibiscus Tea.

LeWhif Vitamin was launched in the UK earlier this month and a 3-day supply costs around $8 (£4.99). Supplements are due to hit US shelves sometime soon, but as yet, there is no word on pricing.