SmartQ 7 internet tablet looks slimmer than its predecessors

by Gareth Mankoo

The SmartQ 7 is a rather slick rendition of the chain of devices we have seen bearing the same name. A large 7 inch WVGA display screen is the best attribute of it and it lines the sexy, curvaceous design all along. It is powered up by a 4500mAh li-polymer battery that can has enough juice to keep the music playing for 48 hours nonstop. Other features include USB 2.0 connection, Wi-Fi, stereo audio output and a built-in stand to enjoy surfing like never before.

The SmartQ 7 sure has some fantastic capabilities but we can’t say more till we have it in our eager arms. There’s no news about the pricing in the US as yet. It is available in red and green, metallic shades.

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