Smartphone stands that tickle your ‘Sushi’ senses arrive

by Gareth Mankoo

Sushi may not be everyone’s palatable delight but if it is then there’s no thinking twice before splurging on this rather curious smartphone stand. Designed to resemble a salted salmon roe sushi serving, your smartphone is to be accommodated somewhere in between the glistening props. How savoury! If you take a closer look at the piece of salmon, you’d notice how unforgivingly real it seems in all freshness. As if that weren’t enough, the makers went on to add ginger garnish and a seaweed wrapper to it. Thankfully it doesn’t go all out to even smell like real sushi. There’d be no way I’d get my smartphone an inch within its proximity then.

food-smartphone-stand-1If the Salted Salmon Roe Sushi Plate smartphone stand did get your attention then feel free to spend $32 on it. It would take a while to reach your doorstep, since it’s been packed with all the lovingness that can flow from the delightful land of the rising sun.