Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter – Plug and play motion sensing light bulb

by mohsin

There are many places in a house where a light bulb is needed no matter what time of day it is. Walking in the laundry room with a handful of clothes isn’t the best way to reach for the light switch. The Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter will turn on a light automatically when you enter an area and off when you leave. Simply screw in the adapter into the empty socket, screw the light bulb into the adapter and turn the switch back to on. No wiring! The motion sensor detects movement in all directions up to 16 feet. With adjustable settings it is perfect for your Laundry room, garage, walk-in closet, hallway, basement, attic, wine cellar, or storage nook. It will cost you $25, but sadly has a time limit of just 5-100 seconds without any manual override.
Via [Coolest gadgets]