Slime-flavored chewing gum developed by Lotte lets you chew on Dragon Quest’s villain

by Gavril Mankoo

Dragon Quest fans picture slime differently. For them, the usually gooey toxic green substance is a jolly blue villainous character, more reminiscent of a gummi. And as all Dragon Quest fans have probably thought before, the Slime from the game series does look pretty appetizing. For those looking to pop a piece of Slime, Lotte has just come up with a new Fit’s MAGIQ Slime Flavor chewing gum, inspired by the game character. Packing tiny yellow sour chips in between that pop on your tongue, unleashing a sour though delicious taste, this Slime flavored chewing gum also sports a chewy texture, just like the Dragon Quest Slime character, using gelatin and xanthan gum thickening agents for the final result. Priced at 130 Yen a pack, the Slime flavored gum is expected to hit Japanese store shelves by October.


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