“Slide Controller” to come on Nintendo DS

by Dhiram Shah

According to Famitsu Magazine, Nintendo’s newest DS game Slide Adventure: Mag Kid, will make use of a bundled “slide controller” peripheral. The slide controller plugs into the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot and resembles a stand. As you slide the DS around on a level surface the controller detects those movements and uses them to control the main character. Quoting an example from the IGN will give you a clearer picture: “Sliding the DS in an enemy’s direction makes Mag Kid ram into and paralyze the enemy. Paralyzed enemies can be attached to Mag Kid, giving him, depending on the enemy type, special powers, including lasers and fire breath. Finally, when you’ve lost interest in your support crew, you shake the DS to release them.”

A Japanese release for Mag Kid is set for 8/2, more details as and when they surface.

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