Skull Camera is Ultimate Halloween Photo Gadget

by iona

When I first clapped eyes on the pin hole skull camera by sculpture artist Wayne Martin Bleger, I was slightly disturbed. Plugged with pins and hinges, the thing looks a lot like Actroid-F without her facial plastery. However, having seen the pics this skull camera can snap, I am quite intrigued. The pin hole skull camera works by briefly exposing film inside the skull to give sepia-toned, blurry photos that look slightly dated, yet are really beautiful. Bleger, the camera’s dark mastermind, says this low-tech photography method produces the most “true representation of a segment of light and time – a pure reflection of what is at that moment.” I don’t know that I’d buy one, or the camera, but it’s an interesting Halloween alternative to the iPhone, anyway.

The skull pin hole camera is part of a the Third Eye collection of spooky photography equipment made from metal, precious stones and bits of humans.