Skip Doctor for CD / DVD restoration

by Dhiram Shah

Land Port Corp Japan has annouced upgrades to its popular Skip Doctor CD / DVD restoration kits. It comes in two varaints Manual and Electronic. It restores discs which are not readable due to scratches. It grinds the reading the reading surface of the disc lightly so it can be used again. The electronic Skip doctor operates on batteries. It starts the grinding job automatically once the CD is placed and it completes the restoration process in 60 seconds and stops. It measures 15.5 x 10.5 x 14cm and weighs 385 grams. As for the Manual version once the disc is placed the wheel has to be turned by hand for 60 seconds. A 30 ml solution is bundeled with both the kits which restores 50 discs. The manual version sells for 6,930 Yen ($ 65) and electronic for 12,390 Yen ($ 115).

Manual Skip Doctor