SK Telecom begins testing its Smart Cart Service in China

by ruchi

Grocery shopping is an important but painstakingly annoying chore but developers have tossed around fairly helpful apps that help you get through it with some ease. SK Telecom thought of doing something more than other had already did. It is presently running a dry run of its new service which syncs your shopping list from a smartphone app and sends to its tablet PC-equipped Smart Cart. This real-time service will use indoor positioning to provide you information on product info, tips and discounts. The in-cart display will have Wi-Fi capabilities and will make use of AR to provide coupon clippers a high-tech solution which looks a swell given the present inflation rates.

If SK Telecoms squares up having a successful pilot run in China’s Shanghai Lotus Supermarkets, we can expect it to become a widespread phenomenon soon. And of course, more than consumers, it would be incessant marketers that will be targeting this service to make their offerings visible to the users.

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