SK Telecom Unveils Korea’s first AI powered Display Speaker

by dhiram

SK Telecom today unveiled NUGU Nemo an AI speaker featuring a 7-inch display and JBL stereo speakers. NUGU Nemo contains diverse interesting and educative free video contents for children, including Pinkfong and Cocomong. In particular, Pinkfong, provided by SmartStudy, comes with many video and audio content as well as games to help kids learn Korean, English, and mathematics. Through the use of video recognition technology, NUGU Nemo protects children’s eyesight by pausing the video and advising them to move back from the screen if they are too close to the screen (within 15cm).

In addition to the basic features of the existing NUGU devices, NUGU nemo displays diverse information on its screen such as stock information, real-time foreign exchange rates, and Korean-English dictionary to enhance user experience. For quality stereo sound, NUGU Nemo comes with two 10W full-range JBL speakers. The maximum output is 20W. NUGU Nemo will be available for pre-orders from April 23 to April 28 in Korea for approximately KRW 199 000 ($175).