SK Telecom becomes the world’s first HD Voice over LTE provider: Galaxy SIII users could be first to try it out

by sam

The concept of HD Voice is nothing new and Orange has already given this a shot in specific markets over a 3G network. And Sprint already plan of providing HD voice over LTE network before the end of this year. But beating them to the punch is SK Telecom, who has launched the services and has become the very first in the world to provide HD Voice over an LTE network. This obviously gives them bragging rights for a long time to come, but more importantly, if the service provider does provide truly HD Voice over LTE, customers will enjoy better call quality and smoother calling experience, along with service providers, finding a whole new selling point.

The bigger question right now is about which handsets have the ability to support HD Voice over LTE services and obviously, SK Telecom could target the new Galaxy SIII users by creating a custom software that will enable them to use HD Voice. That will be not just beneficial for the, but also for Samsung and will provide the Galaxy SIII with something more to carry its fight against the iPhone.


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