Needed Six full time ninjas to promote tourism in Japan

by Gareth Mankoo

The Japanese are known for their extremes. When it comes to the idea of bringing in tourists with the promise of some local flavor in store, you wouldn’t care twice if the city offered you some sushi goodies. But when it comes to the Aichi Prefecture, there couldn’t be two things about it. The province will be employing six ninjas, full-time, to promote what they call ‘warlord tourism’. The job description will include performing on stage as well as on television, occasionally. The skillsets needed to apply for the role include backward handsprings and some specific dance moves. For some reason, some ninja somewhere, will find the calling to be a secretive ninja who likes to be in the spotlight. That’s at least what one promotional poster demanded of candidates. The prefecture will also train ninjas in the skills of shuriken throwing and swordplay.

The ninjas are expected to earn an equivalent of $1600 a month. The interesting fact is that the troupe will perform shows in English and Japanese, which seems to hint at global participation in this initiative. Positions close on March 22nd.

[ Via : Mentalfloss ]