Sirius XM Lynx radio comes with Android and WiFi connectivity

by Gavril Mankoo

You probably might have considered the radio to be a dying technology, with mobile phones and portable mp3 players turning into the common mode of satisfying music lovers these days. This radio however, brings the lot back from the grave, packed with contemporary technology that makes it a device to-die-for. By Sirius XM Radio, the Lynx Portable Radio comes with Android and allows you to build a library of about 200 hours of programming from channels of your choice. Complete with Sirius XM Internet Radio and WiFi connectivity, this one comes with a price tag of $249.99 with additional accessories, the Sirius XM Lynx LV1 Vehicle Kit and Sirius XM Lynx LH1 Home Kit, available for $69.99 a pop.


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