SIMsystems SMS sensing underwear may be weird but has potential for taking care ofteh elderly

by Shayne Rana

As if our elderly aren’t embarrassed enough with uncontrollable bladders and adult diapers, SIMsystems have gone and added a little more insult to injury with a rather ridiculous concept in the form of text sending underwear. Their ‘tech’ infused underpants have a built in system with a sensor strip that sends out text messages to orderlies informing them of ‘wetness’. These messages can be relayed some SIMboxes placed in close vicinities. These boxes also store data and catalogue information like bladder reports etc. for doctors to keep track of. It’s a very weird set up but it could also work for infants. Irrespective I know I don’t want information about what’s going on in my pants to be sent out to people via SMS.

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