Silent Circle develops the hack-proof Blackphone

by Gavril Mankoo

Let’s not deny it, we’ve all turned slightly too obsessed about our privacy online after realizing the fact that the NSA has been sneakily looking at all our emails and text messages since a while now. That, along with news of Snapchat’s recent hacking experience, has shaken our faith in digital modes of communication, since most secrets aren’t secrets any more. However, an encryption company called Silent Circle founded by Phil Zimmermann, a well-known cryptographer, seems to have found the answer to all our privacy concerns. The company joined hands with Spanish telephony startup Geeksphone and came up with the Blackphone, a snoop-free smartphone using a private Android operating system called PrivatOS.

The makers state that the phone cannot be broken into and calls and text messages made and received on this device cannot be hacked. “You can exchange and store secure files; have secure video chat; browse privately; and anonymize your activity through a VPN,” says the Blackphone website. The company claims to “delete logs as soon as reasonably possible” and uses the logging level to log only protocol-related errors. However, we aren’t sure how well the NSA will respond to this since the Blackphone could cause a bunch of national security concerns too.

[Via – Fastcolabs]

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