Sigma SGM2 mouse looks more like a hearing aid

by Dhiram Shah

You are sure to mistake Sigma SGM2 mouse for an oversized hearing aid. It is basically useful as a presentation device as it locks between your index finger allowing you to control the roller with your thumb, it also has a scroll wheel and a double click key which is activated by the index finger. It offers a resolution of 400/800dpi and connects via USB too bad it is not cordless as no one would want an extra wire dangling around. The mouse is compatible with Windows XP only.

The Sigma SGM2 measures 58×84×64mm and weighs 97 grams. It will be available by December in Japan for 3,480 Yen ($ 30)


  1. Charles E. McGee

    I’ve been using a “Finger Mouse” for almost 2 years now. Very similar, but without a scroll wheel.
    I find it easy to use and relaxing, as I can sit back in my chair instead of leaning foward to reach the mouse.
    I think they are great!

  2. Art Mendez

    I just find it unearthly when it comes to mouse around and type frequently. It is fairly easy to get used to type and point when good Mice, trackpoints, trackpads, desktop trackballs, etc. are correctly located and used. 🙂

  3. EbilPhish

    Would much prefer a wireless model myself, cords get in the way quite a bit on normal mice with something your holding up it would be much worse, for starters you have the weight of the cord added and it would get snagged on everything.
    Also it looks like it would be more likely to cause hands to cramp up.
    Going from the trackball to the scroll wheel looks like another issue, I could imagine myself moving the trackball while scrolling.
    Since I got a wireless mouse I use it in front of my keyboard in the middle for most simple tasks its much less movement to go from typing to mousing, although for gaming and graphical stuff I generally use the normal position on the right.

  4. coldsteel

    As one of the other posters said, its a finger mouse. Mine looks almost exactly the same and Ive been using it for 2 years now with my Mac Ibook because Apple still refuses to give us a two button mouse option,


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