Shure SE846 Quad driver earphones redefines how sound is delivered to the ear canal

by dhiram

Shure completed its 88 years on April 25th 2013, and to commemorate its 88th birthday the brand launched its flagship in-ear headphones. The SE846 will feature 4 balanced drivers – 2 low freq, 1 mid freq, and 1 high freq drivers on a 3-way crossover configuration. Housed in a transparent casing it has a revolutionary four inch long acoustic path made by laser welding ten steel plates which delivers deep accurate bass and low frequency roll out at a staggering 75hz. Shure claims that the earphones will isolate upto 37 decibels of ambient noise compared to 26db of noise cancellation on Bose earphones.


The Shure SE846 has been announced in Asian markets (where it is big) and will be hit Japanese stores in mid-July for 120,000 Yen ($ 1200).

Acoustic path which passes through 10 laser welded steel plates



[Via – AV Watch (Japanese)]

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