Shoe Pure 100 – a glowing egg shaped shoe dehydrator from Japan

by deepa

I understand that Odor in shoes comes from the mixture of bacteria and the sweat of feet. But what I fail to understand is that how to keep it Away! I have tried washing my feet with soap and water, dry them, then rub them with rubbing alcohol, wait until alcohol evaporates, then put on socks and shoes. But, the odor in the shoe returns back. So the problem is not with my feet. It’s the shoes that need help. And here comes the help from Japan – Shoe Pure 100. It’s just a nifty little gizmo that frees your shoes from nasty stench by disinfecting them with ozone and then drying with warm air. This egg-shaped glowing gadget opens up its arms at the push of a button and all you gotto do is hang your yucky-smelling shoes on them. Rest is taken care of by just selecting some mode options. 30 minutes later you can pick them up and strap them on your feet.

I can now stop bothering about the whole smelly affair as this Shoe Pure 100 is available in Japan for 8,180 Yen ($68). But what’s bothering me is how do I get it from there?
Via – Gizmodiva

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