Shit Box is a crappy solution to your outdoor ejaculations

by Gareth Mankoo

By all means possible, we cannot come up with something cornier than a makeshift, ultra-portable toilet seat that’s made of cardboard. This may make its way to the Ripley’s list but when you take a deeper look at it, you see the sense it makes to have one of these in certain times. Such times arise when we have those grueling camping trips in hostile woods, where we’re fed some unhealthy food that makes us want to poop in the God-forsaken place. The Shit Box is a foldable, makeshift toilet seat that comes with 10 bio-degradable bags that can be used to collect your droppings. It involves a complete paper craft class procedure to fold and create the box. I wonder if you can hold back your poo for that long. The Shit Box is available in two versions, Little Jack (£15 / ~$25) and Shit Box/ Ploo (£16 / ~$26).

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