Sharp’s tiny LCD doubles up as a scanner

by yogesh

It’s all of 3.5-inches but this LCD screen from Sharp features an integrated optical scanner that could be used to scan business cards, but also be used as a method for multi-touch input. The prototype was seen at the Ceatec exhibition. Possible uses include the ability to recognize fingers or other objects and as biometric lock on your phone. And since each pixel has a scanner it may as well be a multi-touch screen.

Sharp’s optical scanning LCD screen will be ready for commercial use by the first half of 2008.


  1. Chromeronin

    Now I can see that it would be possible to provide code, updates or other info through a barcode.

  2. jwiz

    wow thats sweet

  3. Mr. Shawn H. Corey

    I see it as a way to steal your fingerprints. If it’s used as a touchscreen, then your fingers are going to be all over it, and since it is also a scanner, it can read your fingerprints. Therefore, a piece of malware can steal them and collect them; leading to no end of mischief, like identity theft.

  4. Zerothis

    Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell
    Its the big brother two-way screen!

  5. Norg

    It’s all of that. The Telescreen, a scanner, barcode reader, multi-touch screen, and possibly a digital camera or camcorder. Awesome, amazing, very cool, very useful, and a little scary.


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