Sharp outs world’s most energy efficient LED lights

by ruchi

Sharp has unveiled a series of square LED ceiling lights which is touted to be the world’s most efficient at the moment. They are available in three sizes depending on the place of installation. Sharp has achieved this marriage of energy efficiency and brightness by combining direct illumination with the kind of highly efficient LEDs used in LCD televisions. They also feature an insect repellant structure, which deters pesky bugs and dust from getting inside. There is a remote control through which the brightness and color can be adjusted, and also a Favorite setting button that memorizes your preference.

To rise further on the energy-efficiency scale, Sharp has also provides these lights with a Sleep button which can gradually fade the light to a low output night-light level or switch off completely. From the sound of it, it looks these are ready to hit shelves but we’re still looking for a confirmed word.

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