Sharp DK-AP2 speaker system, an iPod dock that believes in geometry

by yogesh

Incase you need quick lessons in triangles then you can refer to the Sharp DK-AP2 speaker system. Avery triangular design makes it unique and distinct. The DK-AP2 works well with your iPod and is pretty compact. Basically it’s a plug and play machine; dock it and forget it! The system comes with a standard AC/DC power lead and a series of iPod adaptor connectors that make it compatible with pretty much the whole range of iPods, including the old iPod mini and new Nano. Packing in powerful sound delivery, it sounds surprisingly decent for a speaker system that size. Features include an auxiliary-in connection for connectivity to your PC or other MP3 players (including the shuffle) and a remote control.

Sharp’s DK-AP2 speaker system for iPod is a decent system if you have spare change around the house. You’re looking at dishing out 80 pounds online (about $165) for a sounding piece of triangle!

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