Sharp AQUOS DX worlds first LCD HDTV with Blu-ray recorders

by Dhiram Shah

Sharp Japan has announced the AQUOS DX series of LCD TV’s which are the first in the world to come with a built in Blu-Ray drive. The 52, 46, 42 and 37″ models will offer Full HD resolution whereas the 26 and 32 inchers will offer 1,366×768 pixels. You can throw away the DVR as the built in Blu-Ray recorder can record upto 21 hours of HD content on a double layer 50GB Blu-Ray disc. Other features include digital tuner, 1 bit amplifier which powers the bottom mounted speaker. The Sharp AQUOS DX series will hit Japanese stores by November 20 with prices starting from 170,000 Yen ($ 1650) upto 500,000 Yen ($ 4900) depending on the size.
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