Sharp launches a first of its kind baby friendly air-conditioner

by dhiram

Sharp Japan has launched the C-SX Series of air conditioners which are designed specifically in such a way that the cold or hot gush of air does not hit the body directly. Termed as ‘baby friendly’ the indoor unit has what Sharp calls a ‘long panel airflow control’ which works with the onboard sensors to map the room’s surroundings and switch the flow of air during heating and cooling based on the presence and activity in the room. Recommended for mothers and babies the air con comes with Sharp’s propitiatory plasma cluster technology which filters allergens and odors while provide a deodorizing effect.

Sharp has also managed to squeeze in a light sensor which detects sun-light and automatically adjusts the cooling for better energy efficiency and of course uninterrupted sleep. So far the C-SX series is helping babies sleep more in the land of the rising sun and till it crosses the Atlantic its better bed time stories and lullabies for our kids.


[Via – Sharp Japan]