Share your emotions through the Emoticon keypad

by Shalu Pillai

While one cannot go wrong with the happy and sad smileys; there are numerous other emoticons out there that can help personalize your conversation. Now a prototype for a special emoticon keypad, unveiled at CES2011, will make it easier to emote those e-feelings. The keypad has a 4×4 grid with bubble buttons allowing you to express the right emoticon at the tap of a finger. No more accidentally typing the wrong letters or the hassle of remembering all these symbols.

As one would expect, a 4X4 keypad limits the makers from including the ‘bearded bishops’ ( +<|:-)# ) or a high-five (o/o ) emoticons, but allows up to eight commonly used emoticons. We aren’t too sure if the keypad will hit the retail market, but it’d be a prized gift for those emoticon obsessed friends. >🙂

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