Shaker speaker system– Feel the beat

by yogesh

Sometimes even the best surround sound system does not give you that bone chilling earth shattering feeling while watching Terminator or Pearl Harbor. It’s not easy to replicate those sensations on a small scale in the home environment. That was until now. Meet the Shaker. Known as shakers, or to be more technical, tactile sound transducers, these devices can resemble a speaker (albeit without a cabinet). Rather than using a moving cone to send sound waves through the air, the LFE device creates low frequency sounds that are passed directly into the body of the person sitting on a chair or couch to which it has been attached. In order to duplicate the sensation of explosions, bullets or ground-shaking special effects just turn up the subwoofer. Once you have the chance to sit on a chair where a LFE (low-frequency-effects) device was installed, it’s unlikely you’re going back to normal seating. Installation requires attaching the LFE to the chair’s underside. As can be imagined, this kind of placement can be rough on the furniture and so should be approached with care. Fortunately, many LFE manufacturers provide detailed instructions and offer mounting brackets and other accessories to ease the process (and in some cases, home theater furniture can even be procured with an LFE already installed).

It is also worth noting that it’s possible to place LFE’s within the floorboards and so eliminate the furniture from the equation altogether. The cost of an LFE ranges roughly from tens to hundreds of dollars, depending upon brand. Add to that the cost of an amplifier along with accessories for mounting and even wireless kits to eliminate the wires running from the main amp to the one powering the LFE.