Shadow Ebike Does Away With Wires, Incorporates ‘Wireless’ Parts

by ruchi

The Shadow EBike is all set to give the electric bike segment a breakthrough. Made by Daymak Inc, a Canadian based company, this eco-friendly bike has bestowed upon the world a never-seen-before mode of transportation. It uses wireless technology for its pivotal parts like brakes, throttle and pedal assist system. It also features an integrated battery and motor design which not only keep the bike rolling with 1,000w of power but also double as a charge station for your gadgetry. Depending on your taste, the yellow color could be bit of a letdown but the feature pack is more than over-compensating. The wheel here houses a USB port, charging port and an LED battery power display. The company is currently taking pre-orders for this amazing bike and it is expected to begin shipping from 30th April for $1,999.


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