Shackleton Energy Company to set up propellant depot for spacecrafts on the moon!

by Gavril Mankoo

Energy firm Shackleton is busy thinking outer-space these days, with plans to setup a lunar base, the first of its kind in the history of mankind, on the ghostly white orb we see in the skies on most nights, the moon! Currently on a fundraising effort in collaboration with RocketHub, Shackleton Energy will first have robots prospecting the area on the moon, before sending up crews to set up basecamps and other required infrastructure. The base will be a propellant depot for spacecrafts and Shackleton will help reduce the cost of space launches for companies looking to send up business-class payloads to Low Earth Orbit and beyond. We wish Shakleton all the luck in needs in this entrepreneurial adventure, and hope to have a launch station functioning from the moon itself in the upcoming future!


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