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Sexy bath tub lady iPhone case is craziest of them all

by bharat

Did you ever wish to show off the raw sexuality of your iPhone or ever wanted to see your friends to go bananas over the iPhone case you carry? We’ll a Japanese manufacturer seems to have granted your wish with this sexy bath tub lady iPhone case. Being seen carrying this could send your parents into a shock they many never recover from, but if that doesn’t deter you then you’ve hit the right page. This certainly sexy white iPhone case that shows a lady resting in a bath tub can also act as an iPhone stand for web surfing or video chatting by using the ladies head for support.

Priced at 2480 yen (approx. $31) the iPhone case comes with screen film protector and microfiber cleaning cloth. In case you’re carrying the iPhone for some official work you can easily snap off the bathing beauty to leave the iPhone in a plain white case.


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