Server room at the most unlikeliest of places

by Dhiram Shah

Jen Frickell’s company had to shift from the second floor to the first as their suite’s lease had ended. Everything was relocated but there was a small problem, the server room built at the back of the office could not be relocated. So the server room had to stay on the second floor.
Obviously, the new second-floor tenant wouldn’t want their neighbors walking through their office to access a server room, so building management and the company’s executives came up with an alternative: wall off the server room door and build a new one. It seemed simple enough, but there was, however, just one small hitch. The only available wall to install a door was adjacent to the women’s restroom. Inside the handicapped stall.
Check out the email from the building management after the jump.

From: —- ——–
Sent: Monday, May 5, 2008 4:37 PM
To: Everyone
Subject: Server Room Access
Hi all.
As you all are aware, we have new tenants that have moved into
the 2nd floor suites. The access to the server room is now via
the women’s bathroom.
There will be a sign on the woman’s door that can be changed
from OPEN to CLOSED and vice versa.
Should you need to enter the server room, please change the sign
to CLOSED. Once you are done, please change it back to OPEN.
Once you enter the bathroom, you will be able to access the
server room via the handicapped stall. Please close the stall
door prior to entry, just in case someone doesn’t see that the
bathroom is closed.
I know this isn’t ideal, but if we adhere to this protocol, I
don’t think anyone will be disrupted.
Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.
—- ——–
Building Management


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