Sending a text while in court get a woman behind bars for a month!

by Gareth Mankoo

I can understand those who cannot keep their hands off their cell phone, but those who would risk getting imprisoned for the same are really a lesser known sort to me. How about this woman from Utah who was engrossed in sending a text message while attending a court hearing? The incident occurred in Tooele a month ago. The woman who was declared as guilty for the ‘hideous’ act was sent to prison for 30 days! She was at a court hearing that was over a civil issue. The only condition to a bail to be allowed would be a massive $70,000 (an amount related to the case that she was attending). If you still scratching your coconut, then here’s a simpler way of putting it: the judge, Stephen Henroid is being drilled by the family of the ‘victim’ for judicial arrogance and incompetence.

What’s makes matters worst for the man of law is that he has been accused of making similar rulings in the past. For instance, he once charged a woman for having too many dogs! This looks like a typical Simpson’s situation, I wonder if he idolizes Snyder.

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