Send a love, erotic msg to a lover and go to jail

by shilpa

Communism rules, or so should the slogan be for China even on this day of technology and advancements. In the olden days, it was normal for you to send little notes to your lover and pray it doesn’t reach the wrong hand. We thought things could change with technology and the introduction of mobile phones. But, if you are in China and specifically in the henna province and wrote a naughty or sexy line to a lover, then you will end up in jail. No, this is no joke. A local communist party held 480 meetings to discuss this!

For one message it is five days in detention. For three messages, the days are discounted to 10 only but you will also have to pay $73. And the more you send it, the more the officials with have a good time while also making money and getting kicks out of locking people up. So you see, as much as the Chinese economy is growing, it is still labeled the developing nation for various reasons.

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